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Sophistication, Size and Service

We offer long-term wealth management and financial planning strategies designed specifically for you. We cannot predict the future markets, nor do we pretend to. However, our advanced research analysts keep us proactive in preparing for oncoming economic trends and the ever-changing realities that impact the markets and individual companies.

Our diverse financial services include customized investment solutions for individual investors as well as companies both public and private. A few of the more complicated services we have mastered over the years are:

  • Normal Course Issuer Bids (NCIBs)
  • Global Foreign Exchange Service and International Transfers
  • Private Placements and Exchange Financings
  • Access to US Markets.
  • Employee Stock Option Exercise

Our team has more than 30 years of investment experience. We minimize your frustrations and assist you in navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Another component of our business is sourcing capital to finance junior and mid-cap start-up companies. Some of these companies remain private ventures while others go public. We offer clients unique and sometimes exclusive opportunities to invest in companies that have significant potential for growth.